Czech Slovak Church

In 2014 our Czech and Slovak house group grew to up to 20 people attending during weekdays and therefore in December of the same year we had our first Czech and Slovak Sunday Church Service, where we could worship the Lord in our own language. For those, who didn't understand English, this was the first time they could hear the messages in their own language without having a headset on. These services take place during Sunday evenings and at first we used to meet once in 6 weeks. After few months it moved to once per month. Then, once in 3 weeks and currently it is every fortnight.

God has used these services to bring Salvation to many lost souls, Deliverance to those oppressed by the devil, Freedom from addictions to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, stealing, lying, pornography and various kinds of phobias, Healing from all manner of sicknesses and diseases, Restoration to broken relationships, Marriages to those wanting to live according to His plan, Purpose and Future for those who were hopeless and wanted to have their questions answered and yet much more.

Our services

Sunday celebration service: 10:30am online. Click the link below to watch live broadcast.

Thursday Bible study: 7:00pm - 9:00 pm via Zoom app.

Call Pavol on 07888227872 to connect to Bible Study.


The King's Castle Newcastle Church,
Unit 2, 162 Brinkburn Street South,
Byker, Newcastle, NE6 2AR,
United Kingdom

Coming Up

    Do you need transport?

    In the case you need a transport, The King's Castle Church has two micro buses prepared for your transport. Just let us know where are we supposed to pick you up and wait for the white bus in agreed time.

    We are looking for volunteers!

    We are always on lookout for people willing to bless us by their involvement to small groups of volunteers...