Our Father

Jesus is not a talent scout. He’s a maker of stars. He does not seek to develop your talent but intends to make you into someone you never knew existed. Anything you saw Jesus do in the Bible was the minimum. He wants us to do even greater and better things than He did. The reason why we have not surpassed or attained the standard set is because we have not approached Jesus to teach us how to do so. Jesus highlighted four characters while teaching about Prayer in Matt 6:1-28. The Pharisees, Tax Collectors, Hypocrites and the Heathen. The heathen tie the answers to their prayers to physical things while Pharisees feel they are entitled to answers based on their works or fulfilment of religious ties. The reason God answers our prayers are because of our deep reverence for Him and not because of our piety or holiness. Understanding that God is our father is fundamental for access to His throne during prayers. God being a righteous Judge, gives us the Holy Spirit as His children so that He can make a better appeal on our behalf than we can ever make to secure God’s mercy and answer.