Talk to Me

Don’t be afraid of prayer, it is not just for “advanced” Christians. Its for all Christians. We should pray with praise and exaltation to God (Psalm 99:5, KJV). Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue. Listening during prayer is as important as speaking. Don’t be engrossed in speaking, listen to God as well. You are blessed when you go to God’s presence with anticipation of the word He has for you. Prayer opens doors. It is an opportunity to request God’s kingdom be made manifest on Earth (Matt 6:10, KJV).

If you do not connect with God in prayer, you are actually wasting time (Matt 15:8, KJV). The length of time you spend praying does not equate the effectiveness of your prayer. Sometimes, God waits to hear us pray before He makes a move on our behalf. Angels are sent on assignment regarding the matters we pray for when we pray. Praying releases burdens but be aware that God watches our motives for prayers.