Sounds of Christmas

The sounds of Christmas carol service was a blessed experience for many who graced the event. It reminded us of the joys people experience this season and how gifts are shared and love fills the atmosphere. There were performances from the Newcastle church Choir, the children and the youths. It was truly refreshing.

However, it was also a time of sober reflection as we were reminded that the reason for the joy of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 1 of the Bible. Unfortunately, many people are so engrossed today in their celebrations that they forget why they celebrate. Jesus is the reason for this season. 

Also, some are so engrossed in their celebrations that they forget that many in this period have no homes to go to, no family or even food and clothing to wear. Oasis Community Housing Charity was at the event to raise awareness to homelessness in the UK. Donations were raised in support of this cause.